Listing Consultation

There is a reason why our properties are on the market for just  time it takes us an average of 45 days to sell a listing, the lowest of any broker in Sonoma County. Not only do we sell the fastest but we are also the No. 1 when it comes to achieving the highest sale price compared to the listing price.


Even before you decide to list you home, we recommend clients have an initial discussion to understand what they should be looking for as part of choosing a listing agent. It can often help our sellers understand the different options available now that digital marketing plays an increasingly important part of getting the best price for a property, particularly where the target buyer is not in the local area.


As part of our listing consultation we will discuss:
  • The different ways we can develop a listing and pricing strategy to maximize the sale price
  • How marketing a home has changed to take advantage of hyper targeting available across social networks
  • The different strategies available to target homes based on everything from people’s interests, behaviors and even future intent
  • Show examples of how we can show your home off to its best using the very latest in technology?